If my 497,235 followers vanished tomorrow...

I'd still wake up smiling.

I'd still go to work.

I'd still expect my income to be stable.

Most writers can't say the same.

The question is - why?

The creator economy should have fixed money problems for writers

For some, it has. You've problably heard the stories too...

  • An author named Mark makes $500,000 self-publishing books on Amazon.
  • A woman working the front desk at a gym now makes $32,000 composing long Instagram posts.
  • Myself and many others make over six figures on Medium.

If you've got the least bit of creativity, you should be seeing dollar signs right now.

But that economy has a gaping hole...

I call it "The Algorithm Apocalypse."

Medium, Amazon, and Instagram have all drastically changed their algorithms in recent years.

What happened?

Creators lost access to their followers...

Which means they lost views on the platform...

Which means they lost money.

And not just a little money.

Certain individuals saw a $10,000 (or more) pay cut. That's the sort of loss that would make a big-time investor fling his latte out the window.

But the big shot investor will recover.

Most writers won't.

With great power comes great vulnerability

Yes, the creator economy gives writers a chance to make $100, $1,000, or $10,000 per month.

But here's the critical question to ask:

How long until someone changes the rules?

The dirty secret nobody is telling you - a follower is meaningless

Here's the truth:

Followers are the wrong number to chase.

Followers cause people to lose their minds.

Followers inflate your ego.

Followers make you think the only path to success is more followers.

But if followers aren't the answer, what is?

It's possible to escape the uncertainty of social media

The path to succeeding online hasn’t changed. 

Smart writers know this.

Those who stand the test of time will spend their energy on something more reliable than any of the sexy social media platforms.

You must be able to make direct contact with your audience through an email list

It doesn't matter if you don't want to sell.

It doesn't matter if you aren't an "email person."

It doesn't matter if you think email is dying (it isn't).

If you don't own the method of contact, if you can't send a message directly to the people who care about you, the next Algorithm Apocalypse will wreck you.

There’s never been a better time to start an email list

There’s never been a better time to start an email list

As you read these words, a new opportunity is emerging. 

It’s not a social media platform.

It’s not an old-fashioned email list.

It’s a place that is mixing the best of both worlds… all with a writer-first philosophy. 

Substack is the future of email. 

For a small window of time, you have a unique opportunity.

You can join Substack before it is saturated.

By taking advantage now, you have the ability to get new readers, find new fans, and build a true foundation for your writing career. 

Oh, and did I mention writers are making seven figures there? 

Now for the true beauty of Substack.  

Readers want to pay for content there. 

It’s common to pay for the privilege of being a subscriber. 

Which means that you aren’t just building an audience…

… you can get paid to do it. 

However, it will be a gold rush 

Naturally, I’m not the only one talking about this.

That means other writers are rushing in.

Before long, Substack will reach a plateau. Only those who have established themselves quickly will reap the maximum benefits.

I can help you take a shortcut to Substack success

When I looked for other Substack courses, I was disappointed.

First of all, there weren’t many.

Second of all, those that exist aren’t very comprehensive. They focus mostly on Substack itself, and not the actual sending of emails. 

But you need both to succeed — the foundational principles of email list management AND the subtle nuance of Substack. 

I set out to deliver both. 

Take a look for yourself:

  Part 1 - The Foundation of Email Success
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Part 2 - Substack Shortcuts
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Lessons
Available in days
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You'll also get exclusive access to...

Tim Denning (Me)

Medium top writer. LinkedIn Voice of the Year. Six-figure writer. I discovered the magic of email lists the hard way. Now, I'm getting so many subscribers that I've actually DELETED over 10,000. Let me show you what I've learned

Todd Brison

Bestselling author. Email list technician. Copywriting genius. Todd has written six books, and actively managed email lists for nearly a decade now. He helped me take my email list management to the next level.

A community of writers

This course is more than a few videos and a slide deck or two. Once you enroll, you will join a community of writers who win. Both Todd and myself will be in this community as well, talking with you and answering your questions.

Here are some nice things people are saying about us

"I couldn't be happier!"

"I struggled so long to actually sit down and write. Thank you team T&T (Tim and Todd) for what you guys do for us beginner writers lost in the world of words... I couldn't be happier!"

- Miguel Benitez

"Tweaked to perfection"

One difference separates them from others who teach courses. Tim and Todd have only one goal when they create a course: To help all writers by sharing the techniques they’ve tweaked to perfection. All their courses are profitable investments.

-Linda George

"The community group...usually gives me answers right away!"

"I have learned tons, and I am glad that the community group exists for questions I may have...I usually get answers right away! Thank you, everyone... [it] was huge for me even to start publishing!"

Soojin Jun

Ok let's think about price together.

(And welcome to everyone who scrolled straight to this part.)

My original price tag for this course was $1,197.

Here's why I thought that made sense:

Bloggers like Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and others have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from their email lists. These heavy hitters are using some pretty advanced email marketing techniques. (3 of which we'll teach in our bonus lesson).

Let's imagine you don't want to go that deep, though. Let's pretend you just want to write and make money.

What if you could get 200 paying subscribers at $5 per month?

That's $1,000 per month.

$12,000 per year.

We've built this course with that small goal in mind.

So, the way I figured it, this course should cost $1197 because of the 10X money it should make you in return.

Naturally, though, I want to make this course as accessible as possible.

So I immediately cut that in half.

Still. $600 is a lot of money for most people. I asked my co-teacher Todd if we could do better.

Here's what we came up with

The course costs...

$1,197? (No)

$600? (No)



Q: Do people even use email still?

A: The short answer is yes. The long answer involves the internet of things, biometric security, and what "pure" identity is. Eventually, email may not be the primary way to verify who you are for websites or receive business messages. However, that future is a long way off.

Q: Is the Substack technology difficult to learn?

A: Substack has one of the more evolved onboarding platforms I've seen. That essentially means the website is going to hold your hand through the whole process. Even if you can't figure it out on your own, though, we have a tech setup walkthrough in the course.

Q: Should I start an email list before I know my niche?

A: Ok, I'll say it again - YOU ARE THE NICHE. Your parents didn't know what you were going to be when you were born, but they still followed you. Start an email list. Then, educate, entertain, and promote anything you care about.

Q: Is Substack going to go out of business?

A: It's unlikely that will happen any time soon. Given the investments they are making in their technology (Writer/Reader platforms, Flexible Paywalls, NFT Embeds, etc.), it looks like they will be here to stay. Even if they don't, you'll be able to simply pick up your readers and go somewhere else. Substack isn't about hoarding data. They're about helping writers make money.

Here are two simple truths:

One - If you want to be a writer who lives without fear of the ever-changing social media tornado, you have to own your audience with an email list.

There is no other way

Two - Writers WITHOUT an email list don't really have a career. They have a hobby.

(I have yet to hear a single professional writer disagree.)

If you're ready to start that career from scratch, or build on the success you've had so far, this is your chance.

I'd love to have you in before we close enrollment.


-Tim Denning

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