You didn't click that "Enroll Now" button...

Which means you're probably skeptical of what Twitter - now X... can do for a person...

Which means that you're probably still imagining Twitter as it was back in 2018.

(It has changed BIG time, and not just the name. We'll get to that.)

Actually hold up.

Can we just agree that when you see "Twitter" on this page, just replace it with "X" in your head?

Or vice versa

Clearly big Elon didn't think of little Timmy's course when he changed the name... super rude.

Anyway, moving on...

It's ALSO possible that you didn't click "Enroll Now" because...

You see X as a place for political shouting matches and silly memes.

Home of the culture wars, giving a voice to anyone, even if those people are saying STUPID, UNINFORMED, or DOWNRIGHT INCORRECT things.

And you DON'T see it as a place where you can learn, earn, and connect with people unlike ANY other place on the internet.

(Luckily, this is also wrong. And we'll ALSO get to that in a minute.)

But it might ALSO be possible that...

You just hate Elon.

Mr. "Let me tweet something and see how angry I can make people."

And it's true.

You're probably seeing the worst parts of X.

But you're not seeing what X can do for a person with fingers, a brain, and a little will to succeed.

For example.

Let's take a look at Josh.

Not too shabby, I guess, huh?

Before we go further, let me be clear on this:

Josh did NOT just log on to Twitter one day, post a few things, and then start getting these big paydays.

And if you're the kind of person who falls for get-rich-quick schemes...

You'll want to go somewhere else.

Find an Amazon Dropshipping Bro or something.


If you've got a little resilience and 15 minutes per day, Twitter is going to be very beneficial for you.



Twitter is not the platform it used to be. And people who ignore it may find themselves filled with regret in a few years' time.

I haven't been this excited about an opportunity since 2017.

When I saw THAT change, and when I set myself up to take advantage of it, I made a cool seven figures in a matter of 18 months.

And I have every reason to believe this opportunity will be just as big.

Or bigger.

By the end of this page, you’ll be convinced as well. 

In fact, I have the highest active following on the platform. (Higher than that guy you see in second place up there). 

Obviously, that's pretty cool. But Medium isn't the only place I've dominated.

It's possible you may know me from LinkedIn.

And let's just say... well, I go viral pretty much every week on that platform.

I guess you could say I've got a knack for going viral.

I can do it again and again.

These are only a few samples. To be honest, going viral on LinkedIn started to happen so regularly, I got tired of screenshotting them.


Even before my online writing journey, I was building my "instincts" for rare opportunities.

  • Like the time I invested in Bitcoin at only $1,050 (an investment which has earned me, at minimum, 30x in value). At a time when the media, the mainstream news, and your mother were all calling cryptocurrency a scam, I did my research, saw the writing on the wall, and jumped in.
  • Then, there was the time when I saw an opportunity in the e-commerce space in the early days of the internet (2009-ish). My friend and I built a company, a 100-person team, and an 8-figure revenue business.

And over the last 3 years or so, I've been teaching students of my online academy to take advantage of opportunities like this.

Get ready to scroll.....

Sarah Kalmeta Testimonial

Sarah Kalmeta explains how the course helped her

Jan Tuziak
Julie Ramsay
Kristopher Keyes
Lauren Coggins
Lucia Siochi
Paul Imeson
Authentic Man Stan

Not bad, ey?

I could show you more, but then you really would be scrolling all day.

Safe to say, I help people find opportunities.

In fact, even before my online writing journey, I was building my "instincts" for rare opportunities.

  • Like the time I invested in Bitcoin at only $1,050 (an investment which has earned me, at minimum, 30x in value). At a time when the media, the mainstream news, and your mother were all calling cryptocurrency a scam, I did my research, saw the writing on the wall, and jumped in.
  • Then, there was the time when I saw an opportunity in the e-commerce space in the early days of the internet (2009-ish). My friend and I built a company, a 100-person team, and an 8-figure revenue business.

If you've failed to do well on X, you're probably struggling with these problems.

You're not convinced “X” is a good platform for you

You're overthinking your posts

You're not getting any engagement.

You're unable to build an audience

You're not posting consistently

You're not sure how to monetize

Let's solve that first problem now. Read this, and then tell me if X is "worth your while"

Something has happened with X that has NEVER happened with any other platform.

New management has stepped in. A new path has been laid down. A new opportunity is opening up.

(Yeah, yeah, I know you want to talk about Elon. I'll get to him in a minute)

This type of shift doesn't happen very often. Normally, when a new CEO steps into an existing platform, the changes are slow, clunky, and ineffective.

I thought this might be the case with X too.


The changes at X are fast-moving, useful, and opening up opportunity for everyone on the platform.

Obviously I don’t expect you to take my word for that (even though you just saw my track record), so…

Let’s walk through this in true “online writer” style. 

Here are six reasons the Twitter (X) Revolution is a breakthrough…

Reason #1 - X is rapidly becoming the best place for creators to build an audience AND earn money

Compare X to other platforms.

LinkedIn got stuck in the professional world (not necessarily a bad thing). Facebook and Instagram got greedy and drowned their audience in ads. YouTube got saturated.

For a while there, Twitter was stuck in a weird spot. By not defining itself as anything, it... well, wasn't clearly useful for anything. Meeting people maybe? Twitter was a little bit of everything.

Now, the path is clear.

It's going to double down on CREATORS.

(And reward people who want to build an audience.)

The new CEO revealed that people who CREATE will take the front seat in the future. That means people who want to build an audience can and will be able to do so.

Check this quote from a leaked text message:

"Splitting revenue...could be a huge unlock. We could literally give video creators 100% of their ad revenue up to $1m then do split."

He was talking about video creators there, but in slide decks to investors, the new CEO made it clear writers will win as well. That's why he intends to launch Twitter blog posts as well as tweets. (Expected any day now)

As one of my students, Donna said: 

“Look, you can build a business on Twitter alone.” 

And... I've seen it happen already. I've seen nobodies become 6 and 7 figure creators on X in under a year. Sometimes less.

Twitter is already a great place to build a business. And now, it’s actively building infrastructure to pay out EVEN MORE to creators than almost any other platform.

Don't miss this.

YouTube shares ad revenue.

Medium shares subscription revenue.

X is planning to share BOTH ad revenue AND subscription revenue with people who post on their platform.

People like you and me.

Hello extra income. 

Once you make some extra income, you'll be less fearful of layoffs and recessions.

Once you're less afraid, you'll have the option to quit your job, dial back your working hours, or build an automated side hustle.

Whatever your long-term goals are, they can start with Twitter.

Reason #2 - X has over 500 million users

500 million is a conservative estimate. We know for sure it’s over half a billion users. That's a big freaking opportunity. And the new opportunity we’re discussing here will likely make it much higher.

Ask yourself: What could I do if I had the attention of 500 million people?

I bet the answer is: a WHOLE DAMN LOT.

Skeptics are saying "Tim, I'll never reach all 500 million people on X." You're right! You probably won't.

But imagine if you reached 1% of that user base, 1 time. That's "only" five million people.

If you reach 0.1%, that's a "little bitty" group of 500,000 people.

If you reach 0.01%, that's a "teensy weensy" sliver of 50,000 people.

Should I stop?

Nah. One more.

If you reach ONLY 0.001% of X's user base, that means you still get the eyeballs of 5,000 people.

That's 5x more than technology expert Kevin Kelly says you need.

For many of you, 5,000 people is enough. For some of you, 500 is enough. For some of you, 5 might be enough. Again, I'll ask: If you were given a pool of 500 million people, don't you think you could make something happen?

I'm thinking so.

Now, for the super skeptics, one more level of detail.

If you really know your stuff, you know YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok all have more daily users than X.

But if you really, REALLY know your stuff, you know these platforms have a sketchy history. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have all made big algorithm changes in the last seven years that sent creators from the spotlight to the dumpster overnight.


Reason #3 - The CEO shift has everyone rethinking the platform

Social networks follow a predictable pattern:

(This is dense, but it’s the best way I can say it)

Phase One 

The "early adopters" jump on the platform. They look for like-minded individuals. They fill up their feeds with new and interesting people. They post a few times to see how the site works. Important: MANY potential platforms NEVER get past Phase One.

Phase Two

More people join the platform. A "network effect" begins to take hold. Consumers enjoy all the new and fresh content. Creators find a fresh audience. Certain individuals begin to stand out.

Phase Three

The platform is established. More and more consumers rush in. Guess who benefits most from that rush? That's right: the creators who established themselves in Phase One and Phase Two. The algorithm makes sure of it. During this phase, consumers start getting set in their ways. They are much less likely to follow new people. Their feeds are full.

Phase Four

The platform is mostly saturated. Consumers have WAY more information than they can handle. They are almost completely set in their ways. The algorithm makes it harder and harder for new people to get seen.

Most platforms you can think of are deep in Phase Four. 

Phase Four never ends (as far as I can tell). Once the patterns are set, and the number of creators is high, it's more difficult to get "big wins" for little effort.

UNLESS they hit the reset button.

That’s what X has just done.

What happened when Twitter's new CEO came on board? Do you remember?

Yep. Lovers of the “status quo” threw a fit. They swore off the platform and jumped ship to Mastadon or some other infant, unproven platform in Phase One.

What does that mean?

It means there is now a gaping hole in people's feed.

It means the users (all 500 million of them) have been forced to rethink who they follow and who they don't.

When they start looking for new people, why shouldn't they find you?

Reason #4 - Elon Musk

I can't possibly leave you without addressing the elephant in the room.

The big, PayPal-founding, Tesla-owning, Twitter-ranting elephant.

Now, look. I'm not here to defend the guy. There's no room for that here, and I probably can't change your mind about him anyway.

The way I see it, everything you use is built by a human. Sometimes that human is wonderful. Sometimes that human is terrible. Bezos cheated on his wife. Bill Gates visited an ex-girlfriend for a sexy rendezvous each year in his marriage. Steve Jobs was a dictator at Apple. Zuckerberg is… well, you know that one.

When it comes to opportunity, the people who create it matter much, much less than the service or product they offer.

Odds are, you willingly fork over money to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and all the rest. And it's also likely you gritted your teeth and took money from a crappy boss because you wanted the cash to fund your long-term goals.

That’s called: smart.

This is what I’m asking you to do now.

Elon owns Twitter. That's a fact.

Since 2023 started, he's also rolled out all 3 platform changes he promised. That's also a fact. There’s no reason to believe this trend will stop. 

ALSO, he's going to step down as CEO in a matter of months. He announced this willingly.

I humbly suggest you see an opportunity for what it is, 

and use it to improve your life.

Reason #5 - X is the best “meeting place” for ambitious people.

You can reach anyone on X, right now.

I've personally grown my network like gangbusters there, meeting with creators who have a combined 3.5 million followers. (I'll talk about some of them more down below)

More importantly, you can connect with people who CARE ABOUT what you care about.

My friend Todd Brison is a super-writing nerd. In his little nerdy universe, he's directly connected with his favorite movie critic, the co-founder of Kickstarter, a Stanford professor leading the Artificial Intelligence conversation, a marketer that worked for Google and HubSpot, a video editor who worked for ESPN, HGTV, and the CMAs

(Apparently the CMAs are a big deal in Tennessee, America where he's from.)

My point is: not only can you go WIDE with your network on Twitter. You can also go SUPER deep and form advantageous friendships that launch you forward.

Reason #6 - X is going to pay creators directly.

This is not guessing. 

This is not speculation. 

This is not “it’s in the pipeline”. 

It’s happening already.

Elon has shipped everything else that he’s talked about.

Just like YouTube, X is paying out some of the ad revenue to creators on the platform.

But wait, there’s more.

Because they are also paying out some of the subscription revenue from Twitter Blue.

Let me be super clear on this.

On Twitter, the path to money looked like this:

Write tweets -> Put a link in your bio -> Hope that people click on it -> Hope that people join your list -> Build a product -> Sell it to those people -> Hope they buy it.

On X, the path to money looks like this:

Write tweets -> Earn money.

This move might put certain other greedy platforms out of business.

It will definitely change the entire game for online writers.

I don't use the phrase "opportunity of a lifetime" very often, but... we're looking at one now.

And if you've read even half of what I wrote up there, I'm hoping you'll understand why.

Obviously, I'm planning to go all in on X.

The opportunity is too good to pass up.

And I want to help you get there.

Which is why…

I’m introducing my new online course: Twitter (X) Badassery.

Oh wait.

I already told you the title, didn't I?


Let me show you this cool image instead.

Here's exactly what you'll get when you join

  Twitter Has Changed to X
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Getting Oriented
Available in days
days after you enroll
  "Reading the Room" on Twitter Like a Pro
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Twitter Content Creation: Not Just Another Platform
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Twitter Content Distribution: Go Further, Faster
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Monetize On Twitter: Now, Later, and Every Day In Between
Available in days
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  Last Lesson Before You Go
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Lessons
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Section - I Got 20 Million Impressions in 20 Days. Here's What I Learned
Available in days
days after you enroll

Twitter (X) Badassery is a self-paced course that will help you prepare yourself for the coming opportunity.

It'll be 15 lessons, covering only the "best" tricks I've learned.

(These tricks come from the last 4 years of "Twitter Detective Work." I deleted my old Twitter, started from scratch and crushed all my assumptions. Even with a new account, I’ve made more progress in 9 months than most are able to make in 9 years.)

And just like LinkedIn, I’m starting to get a knack for this “going viral” thing.

I also personally took every Twitter course I could find, and, well… 

Most suck. 

Some are good. 

None are what I would call a "complete" look at Twitter, and none of them cover the nuance of this new Twitter revolution (that I talked about here). There's a whole underground world to Twitter that most people don't know. I’ve interviewed Twitter creators who have follower counts ranging from 250K to 1 million. 

This course is the result of all that research, all the testing I've done on my own time, and all the "grey hat" tricks other teachers use but don’t teach. 

Like I said, I’ve been researching this stuff for years. I’ve been sitting on this course.

Now, the timing is absolutely right.

Here are a few more things to expect from Twitter (X) Badassery.

  • Why Twitter is the ugly man’s platform.
  • How Twitter’s long-lost history makes it possible to win in the platform even if you’re a total dummy.
  • The truth about using a pen name on Twitter.
  • How many hours it takes until your tweet is dead in the water
  • Why Ryan Holiday, Tucker Max, James Altucher and many more best selling authors, used Twitter to test book and business ideas.
  • The shocking truth about how saturated Twitter is… Or isn’t

A little more on that "saturation" idea.

It never fails to amaze me how stupid people get when they’re trying to explain the scale of the Internet.

So blowhards, fake experts and doomers continue to blab about how "saturated" all our platforms are right now. (Likely to scare you away from starting in the first place.)

But imagine a “saturated” sponge.

It’s full.

It’s soaked.

And — it can’t hold ANYTHING else. Not one more drop of liquid.

Does that sound like ANY platform?

Me neither.

Statistics show that <5% of X users post daily.

So, instead of a soaked sponge, Twitter is more like a sponge that gets a few drops of water per day, gets squeezed out overnight, and then comes back hungry for more the next morning.

Moving on…

  • How a stripper got a movie deal thanks to one single Twitter thread.
  • My co-teacher Todd’s’s explanation for how Twitter got him connected with a multi millionaire, who is also a software marketing, genius
  • The Twitter audience compound interest effect
  • One “unfair” tactic that can get your posts 2 to 5 times further than the average user And why not using this tactic can poison your attempts to earn money directly from the plan
  • How to turn a casual reader into someone who hovers over your profile, and then takes the plunge into your world
  • My personal suggestion for making cat owners famous
  • A deep analysis of five popular bios, on Twitter, why they work, and what each one can do better.
  • Why most people’s approach to X is equivalent to walking into a meeting about e-commerce sales ad instead discussing how much you love your pet chicken
  • The primary school writing trick that I still used to produce contact to this very day (or: The Mad Libs Tactic)
  • Todd’s “Family tree“ method to filling your feed with boldly, the best content
  • How Twitter Lists help you avoid the death spiral of political content.
  • Three types of content that the Twitter algorithm favors as predictably as the sun rises every morning
  • The behind-the-scenes, quality check that Twitter’s algorithm runs to see if your posts are worth sharing with strangers

Add a quick note on this one

This is not the old “they show your content to a few people at a time to test and see if it will be liked elsewhere.”

This is an entirely different set of rules that looks at your account, and the account history to make sure you are not violating any guidelines the algorithm looks for.

Moving on…

  • The only four tools I recommend using for Twitter (besides the Twitter app itself)
  • “Greasing up“ the Twitter algorithm like a mechanic, so your posts slide right into other people’s feeds.
  • The single fatal flaw in most people’s tweets
  • How Lil Nas X used Twitter to generate viral attention for his breakout number one hit “Old Town Road” (a career changer for him)
  • Why are you absolutely SHOULD write posts that may be irrelevant in one months time
  • Niching down on twitter.
  • Exactly How many times per day you should post in order to grow much faster than the average person
  • Creating a “secret language” among your followers (that’ll have outsiders dying to know what’s going on).
  • “Borrowing” credibility and status to inflate the perceived value of your tweets.
  • An objective test to know whether or not something you’ve written is good
  • How a guy named Joey went viral thanks to a disaster that lead to him lying in a hospital bed with 4 pipes sticking out of his mouth.
  • Twitter Analytics — where to find and how to use
  • Why you should likely NEVER bother replying to accounts like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, or other mega-famous names on the platform
  • Retweeting yourself honestly works to get more engagement -- it's crazy!
  • My best advice for getting your first 1,000 followers… and then the best way to “leap” from there to 10,000+ followers and beyond.
  • The “black market” strategy for growing your account that is AGAINST Twitter’s Terms and Conditions… but hundreds of popular accounts do it anyway.
  • Sneakily using the little-known “X Shopping” to get more people on your email list.
  • Ryan Holiday’s Former Research Assistant is Using Twitter in a Very Unique Way to Blow Up.
  • The ONE time I’ll copy and paste a LOT of text from Medium to Twitter (Normally I’d discourage it, but a new feature of X makes it irresistible.)

This course is NOT for everyone.


  • If you will ALWAYS get triggered by Elon, Twitter ain’t for you.
  • If you don’t have the time to write even 2 or 3 tweets per day (even after I teach you the templates and formulas I use), go ahead and close this screen.
  • If you’re dead set on “long-form only,” you can also keep spending your life doing the time-heavy stuff and keep on moving. 

But if you AREN’T one of those people.

And you DO have the time to take advantage of this X Revolution in 15-30 minutes per day.

You’re gonna want this course. 

Final point:

I want to make this course a complete no-brainer for you, so what you'll see below is the "Masterclass Special Pricing"

The way I see it, if I’m beating Gary Freaking Vaynerchuk on any platform, I should probably be charging $5,000+ for everything I do. 

But again - I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join.

You know what’s possible. You’ve seen the opportunity. 

Now, it’s up to you to decide.

The VIP Experience


Get a personalized experience to accelerate your Twitter Revolution efforts.

This package includes...

Everything in the the Follower Building Package and the Passive Income Accelerator Package, PLUS:
A comprehensive Twitter audit from Tim (me). I'll root out your current problems and give you a clear path to a better business.
A 1-hour consulting call with Todd Brison to find solutions for your overall strategy.
Good karma when we donate a scholarship in your name to a student who can't afford enrollment.
A personalized action plan worksheet so you know exactly what action to take at any given time to accelerate your Twitter growth. (You'll fill this in after the audit & consulting call)


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The highest value package includes more resources to help you succeed faster, and two bonus course.

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Everything in Follower Building Package, PLUS.
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Our most popular course, The 10X Writing Speed Blueprint, free of charge.
Membership in our exclusive Badassery Academy community

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This package includes...

The full Twitter Badassery curriculum.
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