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The Write 4/28 Challenge

with Tim Denning and Todd Brison

  • 4 weeks of focused writing starting September 4th
  • 10 minutes to 2 hours of time commitment per week.
  • 28 straight days of publishing.

Why I Built The Write 4/28 Challenge

The world is a scary place right now...

War. Recession. Artificial intelligence threatening to take over our jobs.

It's.... a lot.

Many days, it can feel like you're a ship at sea, looking for a lighthouse.

And many of the things that are supposed to make you "feel better"...

...wear off as soon as they come.

The high of a new romantic interest wears off quickly.

That Black Friday deal on a Samsung television doesn't seem so great after a few weeks.

Even collecting a paycheck doesn't seem as satisfying as it once it.

All of these "external rewards..." leave you wanting more.

But there is an action you CAN take to feel a little more at ease about the world.

And WHILE you're doing this, you can also....

  • Think more clearly
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve in your immune system 
  • Increase your memory and intellectual performance, especially under pressure under pressure
  • Find a purpose in life
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Create the foundation for your own side hustle

Have you guessed what it is yet?

It's no secret: Building a writing habit is one of the best things you can do for your mental, economic, and physical health.

And I didn't just make up all those benefits of writing, by the way. They've been proven through research from:

  • USC
  • Columbia University
  • Cambridge University
  • The University of Texas
  • The University of Tasmania (I had to throw an Aussie in there!)

Over and over and over the proof comes in:

Writing changes lives

But like I said...

This is NO SECRET.

The benefits of writing are fairly well known. I assumed that everyone would just...

you know...


Turns out, I was dead wrong.

Many people miss out on the benefits of writing simply because they aren't consistent.

Nearly 90% of people (90%!!) aren't consistent with their writing.

When I dug deeper, I learned that most people WANTED to write, they just didn't have the CONSISTENCY necessary to keep their habit going.

Building CONSISTENCY takes some freaking stamina...

But consistency is hard when you do everything alone

When you try to build consistency alone, you get one of two results:

1) You grit your teeth and succeed, but end up lonely and bitter, thinking everyone is just stupid or undisciplined.

2) You fall short of your dreams because you didn't have anyone around to give you a pep talk when you're feeling low, a tip when you're feeling confused, or a resource when you're feeling empty.

Science and history don't lie - people go further in groups.

If you find consistency, and if you find community, you can find FOCUS



Let me slow down a bit here.

Without the ability to FOCUS, it is impossible to write consistently.

FOCUS is so rare these days that it's a superpower.

Which is crazy because....

Human beings were made to focus*. We didn't just wake up one day with houses, streets, cars, doorknobs, air conditioning, and fast food trucks.

People harnessed their inner focus to bring a vision to life.

Sadly, the focus is hard to come by these days.


Modern society is really, really, really, really good at training you NOT to focus.

This isn't some big conspiracy theory.

It's just life.

And life without focus can be FUN in the short term. But it's EMPTY in the long term.

In order to write consistently, you've gotta remove all the distraction and brainwashing that comes from modern society, and return to your true, focused self.

*And for all you ADHD folks out there saying "Welll, I wasn't made to focus!", consider this: one of our previous cohort members attends therapy to manage his ADHD. He CRUSHED the challenge, and now he's a part of this cohort's inner circle... we even gave him a goofy title: Chief Shenanigans Officer.

And even if you have the focus, the habit, and the community, you still need IDEAS.

Stop me if you’ve been here before.

You’re on a walk one day and suddenly… It hits you:

The best 



You rush home to develop the idea. Maybe, in the surge of emotion, you turn that idea into a tweet, a LinkedIn page, a medium article.

You are flooded with pride

And that lasts for maybe two seconds

You’d love to write more, but you can’t seem to recapture that idea magic again. 

As quickly as it started, that burst of inspiration disappears into the background.

No more magic.

No more writing.

This tragedy keeps many potentially great writers on the sidelines forever.

Those are the 4 BIG problems that stop people from reaping the benefits of writing

  • No Consistency
  • No Community
  • No Focus
  • No Ideas

The Write 4/28 Challenge has a solution to each of those 4 problems

The consistency problem is solved by EXTREME accountability.

Most people need a drill sergeant to overcome the consistency problem. 

That's where I come in. I’m the guy who won’t let you off the hook. 

And for the record, here are a few of my stats from the last 8 YEARS of online writing:

  • I release 8 articles per week on Medium.
  • 2 posts per day on LinkedIn.
  • 6 tweets per day.
  • 2 newsletters each week.
  • I’ve done this for eight years, consistently.
  • And the result? Half a billion content views. Over $1 million earned.

For a whole month, I’m your accountability partner. 

Each week, you'll get one kick-in-the-pants accountability video to get you off and running with your writing week.

We live and die and ride and write together. 

Also included for free to help you stay consistent: a custom accountability tracker that you can ONLY find in this course.

The community problem is solved by... well, a community

When you join The Write 4/28 Challenge, you'll be joining a tight-knit group of people who all write together and celebrate each other's victories.

And this community... it's the real deal.

EVERYONE shows up.

EVERYONE participates.

EVERYONE holds each other accountable.

Whenever you feel down, the community picks you up.

Whenever you're empty, the community fills you up.

Whenever you lag behind, the community pulls you forward.

This community is so tight that on the last day of the last challenge, people HATED that it was over!

The focus problem is solved by live, consistent lessons

Each week, my co-teacher Todd Brison and I will lead a group call with Q&A.

Here's the schedule (all live calls take place at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time - NYC):

September 6th - How to come up with great ideas every day for the rest of your life

Reach inside “the niche of you” and generate ideas people want to read, even if you don’t speak native English, keep up with the news, or have access to readers. 

September 13th - How to stay consistent even if you don't feel like it.

Uncover the psychological secrets of “gritty writers” who keep showing up despite low inspiration and slow productivity.

September 20th - World-class online writing hacks and principles

Learn the power of a single sentence, PLUS how simply showing up can open up a world of possibilities.

September 27th - How to turn your sentences into sticks of dynamite

You aren’t writing sentences. You’re lighting a fuse that can be seen around the world. Discover how to tackle this challenge with ease. 

If you show up to ANY of these sessions, you'll walk away a better writer.

(Imagine what happens if you show up for all of them?)

The ideas problem is solved by guest speakers and writing training.

Throughout the cohort, you see 4 recorded guest sessions from Bad Assery Academy Alumni

Hundreds of our students have taken their career into their own hands by building a writing habit. 

Each week of the challenge, you’ll see a new video featuring one of them.

The best way to get ahead is to learn from someone who is already a few steps ahead on your path.

And if that isn't enough, you'll also get

4 Writing Skill Deep Dives from a Professionally Trained Writer. 

My co-teacher Todd Brison is a degree-holding, honest-to-god, trained-by-his-English-teacher-father Writer with a capital “W.” 

He knows the language inside and out. He also happens to be a bestselling author, award-winning ghostwriter, and industry-crowned marketer. 

Each week, he’ll take a deep dive into the most powerful and persuasive elements of the English language so that you can write like the pros.

(Without having to go into a lifetime of debt for that fancy degree)

28 Days of Focused Writing

Each day, you’ll publish new words with your cohort, building an unshakable writing habit. On days where you’re totally strapped for time, you can keep it simple. On days where you’re free to write more, you can expand your efforts to the other daily goals. 

Live Workshops + Q&A

Tim and Todd will lead 90-minute long Zoom sessions each week on Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM EST. You’ll be able to ask any question you like. 

Bonus Resources

When you join, you’ll get a heap of bonus resources to help you find ideas when you have none, and come up with the exact word you need to drive a specific emotion. 

Writing Skill Deep Dives

Learn to write like Shakespeare... on a Gandhi budget. Each week, you'll learn a master trick from the toolbox all great writers share.

Guest Speaker Sessions

Get the inside scoop from our star students on what it takes to build and keep a writing habit no matter how crazy your life gets.

Accountability Messages

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Tim Denning personally hold you accountable for your goals? In this cohort, you'll get his raw energy dedicated to your success.

We don't brag, but our students do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this challenge for?

This course is for anyone who needs to publish high quality work and a high speed. This could include online content creators, corporate marketers, or full-time authors.

The challenge works whether you are publishing...

  • LinkedIn updates
  • Twitter tweets or threads
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales pages
  • Copywriting Emails
  • Longer Essays
  • A full book

Q: When does the challenge start?

This challenge officially begins on September 4th, 2023, but you'll receive all the bonus resources immediately upon joining. You'll also receive onboarding instructions in the weeks leading up to the challenge.

Q: How much time does the challenge take?

Typically, no more than 15 minutes per day (the time it takes to post), and a 1-hour call per week.

However, there are enough standalone materials and community opportunities to spend 2 hours per day, if you're into that sort of thing.

Q: How do you hold me accountable?

Throughout the challenge, you'll be using our patented Write 4/28 Habit Tracker to keep up with your progress. If you slip and miss a day, you'll have the opportunity to make up the assignment later.

Q: How much time will I have to spend time "liking" other people's posts?

On other challenges, you spend more time liking, sharing, and commenting on OTHER PEOPLE's work. With The Write 4/28 Challenge, we keep that activity to a minimum. You'll be asked to only engage with posts you resonate with, so you can keep your focus where it should be - on your writing.

Q: Why is the price so cheap?

Most writing courses by experts with 7 years of experience and 500m views (like me) charge thousands for their courses; Teaching isn't my primary source of income. It's something my readers asked for. Many people requested a budget-friendly course full of value. That's exactly what you'll find when you join.

Q: Is the course content high-quality?

Yes. All video footage is shot with high-definition cameras, and the sound is recorded with high-end studio microphones. You audio nerds may want to know that we are both running Shure SM7B microphones, both with cloud lifters and Scarlett Focusrite audio interfaces. You non-nerds just need to know we sound and look as crispy as microwave popcorn that got left on the heat too long.

All of our courses are hosted on a lightning-fast server provided by Teachable.

Q: How do I get started?

Click one of the green buttons on this page, pay for the course however you like, and open the email with your enrollment details. Your challenge begins September 4th, 2023. Dead simple.