Average writers never manage to publish more than once or twice per week.

Many writers with big dreams never manage to squeeze out more than a couple posts per week.

Even if they find the time, their quality suffers.

Maybe one post is truly useful, valuable, or insightful, but the rest are like word soup. It's clear they rushed just to squeeze something else out.

The problem - it's hard to stand out with only 2 posts per week

Standing out as a writer in the modern world requires more than a of couple good blog posts per week. It's way too easy to get lost in the noise.

But it doesn't stop with just a couple posts...

The writers that truly rise above and make a good living off their ideas have an enormous amount of writing to do:

  • Building an email list
  • Sending out newsletters
  • Writing good tweets
  • Posting solid updates on LinkedIn
  • Answering Q&A from fans
  • Writing guest posts for big name sites
  • Finally putting together a book to sell.

But there are always competing priorities...

You likely have other obligations: family, another job, or just the daily requirements of staying safe and sane during this crazy time in history.

When I polled my audience, I found everyone was having this problem.

Most people feel like they publish articles too slowly.

Everyone wants more, and is having trouble finding it.

It seems like you have to choose between burnout, or giving up on your dreams

Whenever you try to squeeze more in, either your quality or your sanity goes downhill.

Some days, it can feel like the only answer is to type faster than a machine, cut back sleep to a dangerous level, and sacrifice all social engagements.

Inevitably, all these roads lead to burnout.

Is there a way to do it all?

I believe there is a way

I'm Tim Denning. For a while I struggled with the same problems. I've been publishing blog posts 10 times per week and daily short-form content for the last 7 years.

I gained a following, but I nearly killed myself doing it. My mental health deteriorated to nothing. My social life dwindled into oblivion. I fought off depression and loneliness, telling myself the only way forward was to worship the grind.

I kept squeezing blood out of myself when there was none to give.

That's when I learned that writing a lot is not about typing faster or working harder.

It's about having the right process to make better progress.

See, when most people write, they assume there is only one task: sitting down and smacking the keyboard.

In reality, writing is a whole bunch of tasks, stacked on top of each other:

  • Brainstorming
  • Ideation
  • Research
  • Writing first drafts
  • Editing
  • Headline-writing

The way I saw it, I was typing as fast as I possibly could. It got me ahead, but I wasn't healthy. My idea well was running dry.

The question I started to ask was this:

How can you save time on each part of the writing process?

Here's what I've learned:

The normal way of reading and writing is a total waste of time

Instead, the secret is having a process that makes it easier to create while you consume. Now, I spend a few extra minutes up front to save hours later.

You can do it all at once: research, read, write, store great quotes for later use, connect your thoughts for good article ideas. 

Even better, you'll look like a pro because you can draw connections between your ideas like nobody else.

In this course, fellow writer Todd Brison and I unpack a new twist on a time-tested method: Smart Notes.

Smart Notes was invented nearly 100 years ago, and it's just now being uncovered for the genius it is. The inventor used this method to write 58 books and hundreds of articles. He changed the game for what was possible.

The 10X Method takes that Smart Notes practice to its next level - with modern software, templates, and tools to make the hard part of writing easy.

Together, we've developed a blueprint that helps writers massively improve their production speed... while still keeping the quality it takes to gain fans that love your work.

We've made it simple. You don't have to be some trained researcher.

This process is not for doing sloppy work on simple topics. It’s a way to publish more work and go deeper about the topics you care most about. 

"Taking NOTES, Tim??? Doesn't that eat up all my time?"

I thought the same thing.

Until Todd showed me his process, I couldn't be bothered to keep notes. The filing and tagging and categorizing was too much.

Plus, when I wanted to find something, I had to dig through all my stupid notes to find them. It took forever to get what I needed.

Todd's modification on the Smart Notes method means that your notes come back to YOU when you need them.

Say goodbye to files and folders.

Say hello to making writing fun again.

Here's the path to making it happen

  Before you Start (Read this First)
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days after you enroll
  🏃‍♀️ Getting Started
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  🧠 Smart Notes Enhanced - Get up and running with Evernote
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  🧐 Introduction to Roam Research (Lesson 7)
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  🤖 Smart Notes Enhanced - Unleashing the Power of AI with Roam Research
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  👣 Next Steps - Running to infinity and beyond with 10X Notes
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  🤩 Bonus Content
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  🎧 Audio Version
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  📑 Cheat Sheets
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We don't need to show off. Our students do that for us.

And here's Matt Gray: CEO and Founder of Herbworthy and FounderOS.

"It was huge for me to start publishing"

"I have learned tons [from Todd and Tim]...it was huge for me even to start publishing!" 

-Soojin Jun

Use the method to start reaching your big goals

"I got into Better Humans, followed by PGSG and Mind Cafe (huge publications) - which I struggled to get into for months. I'm writing at least 1500 words nearly every day!"

-Adriana Sim

The 10X Writing Blueprint can help you write a book

"This is the biggest high I've had in a long time. I'm holding my book in my hand and it looks f*cking awesome!! I'm probably going to sleep with it tonight."

- David Madow

"I couldn't be happier!"

"I struggled so long to actually sit down and write. Thank you team T&T (Tim and Todd) for what you guys do for us beginner writers lost in the world of words... I couldn't be happier!"

- Miguel Benitez

"Immersed in the conversations"

"I found myself immersed in Tim's and Todd's conversations, and kept on hitting "next" on the course. They don't feel like lessons at all... in a good way!!"

- Donabel Santos

"Tweaked to perfection"

One difference separates them from others who teach courses. Tim and Todd have only one goal when they create a course: To help all writers by sharing the techniques they’ve tweaked to perfection. All their courses are profitable investments.

-Linda George

Al Lovelady
Amit Karmakar
Elisha Ward
Kacy Singh
Mark Bartolo
Nathan Saldanha
Kacy Singh
Jonathan Peykar
Victor Correra

Here are a few things our students are doing with The 10X Writing Blueprint

Tim Denning (Me)

I have produced over 5000 longform blog posts in seven years of online writing. I did it the dumb way. You can do it the smart way

Todd Brison

Todd has written six books, ghost written two more, and has produced hundreds of blog posts since the start of his career in 2015. Todd is the nerd. You'll like him.

Dummy-proof templates

Whether you are a technology geek who wants to jump in with Roam Research, or you want to start simpler with Evernote, we give you cut-and-paste templates to get rolling as soon as possible.

How much does the 10X Method Cost?

First, there are two questions to ask:

1) How much time have you wasted already by not having a solid writing process?

2) How much has that time cost you?

I get sick thinking about how much time I wasted for five years. I don't want you to do the same.

So, the cost: I used to coach people on writing for a pretty modest price, but I had to raise my rates. Now, I charge $250 per hour. This course is roughly 4 hours. Using that scale, I should charge $1,000.

I'm not going to do that.

I'm not going to charge anywhere close, actually.

The number one objection to my courses has been price. I want everyone to get this simple, game-changing method for a reasonable price.

Right now, you can get this course for...

$1,000? (Nope)

$500? (Nope)

$297 (Nope)

$147 for all lessons and bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who needs to publish high quality work at a high speed. This could include online content creators, corporate marketers, or full-time authors. If you tend to have a bad memory and forget crucial bits of information when you're writing, this course will be helpful.

Q: When does the course start?

The course is self-paced, which means as soon as you enroll, you get the lessons. You can watch the lessons over and over since we don't remove your access. Keep in mind that enrollment closes soon - this is a limited time offer.

Q: Why is the price so cheap?

Most writing courses by experts with 7 years of experience and 500m views (like me) charge thousands for their courses; Teaching isn't my primary source of income. It's something my readers asked for. Many people requested a budget-friendly course full of value. That's exactly what you'll find when you join.

Q: Is the course content high-quality?

Yes. All video footage is shot with high-definition cameras, and the sound is recorded with high-end studio microphones. All of it is hosted on a lightning-fast server provided by Teachable.

Q: Is this course worth it?

Obviously I'm biased, but...hell yes it is. This course is made to be actionable. It's not all theory, and it's not some passive book you'd skim your way through and never use. There are tons of screen sharing and concrete examples for you to copy, not including the free templates you get access to. Todd writes an article live while you watch. The small price of the course allows us to explore the nuances that no article, tweet or free eBook could ever capture.

Q: How do I get started?

Click here, pay for the course however you like, and open the email with your enrollment details. Dead simple.

Ultimately, there are two types of writer

1 - The kind who can keep up with all the hard work and research they do to produce high quality work at a rapid speed.

2 - The kind of writer who is constantly disorganized, publishing mediocre work, and is constantly on the edge of creative burn out.

My goal is to push more people into type one.

I hope you join me.

I hope you start right now.