Why I Built Edit Your Way to Freedom

In the next 24 hours, there will be 6.4 million blog posts published.

There will also be 2 million LinkedIn updates posted. 500 million tweets released. 

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? It's one thing to know there is a lot of information out there... it's another thing to realize exactly how many drops of water there are in that ocean of content.

How is your writing supposed to stand out?

You're just one person. Even if you release one blog post per day, you're competing for attention with millions of others. It's like you're screaming into a crowded room, but nobody can hear you.

To stand out today, you need quality AND quantity

Meaning: you need to write a lot. AND all that writing needs to be excellent.

When your work isn't excellent, you disappear into thin air like so many other blog posts that are never seen, never shared, or never remembered.

The problem is, quality takes time.

You're probably spending that time trying to keep up with the amount of content needed to stand out as an online writer. 

You could spend more time editing your work, tweaking words and lines until they feel right.

But editing is often a trap...

More than 50% of my audience said they edit too much

Going down that editing rabbit hole can often result in an endless loop of adjusting each adjective, fiddling with every line, and triple checking every punctuation mark.

You'll be bleeding from your eyeballs before you get the chance to publish.

Hiring someone to help... isn't bulletproof.

Hiring an editor costs both time AND money. If you hire an editor, you have to find some way to get AHEAD of schedule. That way your editor has time to do their work.

Plus, you're sacrificing some of your hard earned writing cash.

So how in the world do you create the best content, consistently?

You can't create more time in the day.

You can't pay to make the problem go away.

So what can you do?

Online writers without a repeatable, short editing process are doomed to failure

In my online writing career, I used to edit endlessly. My process was so broken, it almost broke me too. In my darkest hours, I considered giving up my writing goals for good.

But everywhere I looked online for editing advice, I kept running into what I've come to know as "high society editing tips."

Bigwigs with framed degrees would writing about things like:

  • Grammatical function.
  • Modifiers, determiners, and Object
  • Predicate nominatives
  • Sentence diagrams
  • Demonstrative pronouns

Yuck. And also... what???

Every blog post I read felt like an academic cloud of nonsense. If I followed all of the editing tips I searched over the years, I would have never published a single post. 

The "old way" of editing doesn't work for online writers.

Over time, I started to build my own process. Not too much to slow me down. Not too little to publish crap.

Years later, I made a new friend: Todd Brison.

Todd was formally trained in writing and had an english teacher father. He brought his education to my raw, online writing experience.

I though this guy was an alien. He knew all about those awful tips I read online. He would review my work and bring up parts of speech while my eyes glazed over.

But when an old world and a new world collide, it's magic.

We developed a process that combines the tried and true principles of classic writing and with the fast and furious tricks of online writing.

It's the best of both worlds.

You can be as sharp as your professor but bold as your online idols.

You can be a punctuation pro but never waste time on semicolons

You can be a language genius but still speak like normal person

Best of all, you can produce good quality writing in high quantity.

And a rock-solid editing process means more money

Imagine if you didn't have to guess about which words, sentences, or paragraphs didn't work.

You'd be 100% confident in everything you publish, knowing it's the highest quality.

When you're 100% confident, you can write more. When you write more you can publish more. When you publish more, you can grow an audience, an email list, and a massive fan base much faster.

In short - editing is the shortcut to a full time or part time income writing.

What most online writers call "editing" is actually just needless rewriting.

They don't actually know where to start, and they definitely don't know where to finish.

But what if you could follow a proven set of steps that would guarantee better work?

It's possible with our four-step editing method:

  • The Pre-Edit
  • The Point Edit
  • The Power Edit
  • The Proof Edit.

Even if you think you're ranking at a 7 on the quality scale, this editing process can help you get to a 9 or 10.

We don't brag. Our students do.

"It will soon be my last day in retail."

"I resigned from my store manager position today so February 2nd will be my last day in retail. After that I will be writing freelance full time.

I am SO excited!"

Kit Campoy, Retail Manager, Team Leader, and Soon-To-Be Full Time Writer

"Immersed in the conversations"

"I found myself immersed in Tim's and Todd's conversations, and kept on hitting "next" on the course. They don't feel like lessons at all... in a good way!!"

- Donabel Santos

"I appreciate the editing wisdom!"

"There are many wonderful suggestions here, and clear examples of how I can implement them! I really appreciate the time and editing wisdom."

- Kim Marie, Coach

"No overthinking it. Just doing it."

"I love the homework. No overthinking it. Just doing it."

-Dirk Krijgsman, Freelance Journalist and Blogger

Al Lovelady
Stephanie Braden

In the course, you'll learn how to:

  • Borrow 11 secret techniques used by writing legends like Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, and Cardi B to lift your writing off the page
  • Execute a successful "pre-edit" to help you write a fiery first draft.
  • Discover whether you are an intuitive writer or an intentional writer
  • Optimize your editing process by leveraging natural brain states.
  • Automate the last 25% of your editing process so you can save time and get more done

You'll be able to hop off that editing death spiral and make the most of your days.

Let's think about price together.

I think the first questions to ask are these:

  1. How much time have you wasted editing?
  2. How many posts have flopped because you DIDN'T edit them?
  3. How much has that cost you over the years?

When I think about the time I wasted with a bad process over the years, I want to throw up. I'd hate to see you do the same.

I think about cost this way: I get emails consistently asking for personal coaching. I used to do that for $250 an hour. My co-teacher Todd also used to do personal coaching for $100 per hour (he's a cheap date).

This course is over 2 hours long. Both of us teach in every minute of it.

Based on our coaching rates, we should charge a minimum of $700.

But... the number one objection I get about my courses is "cost."

I don't want my fellow online writers to suffer just because of a stupid price tag.

So I'm not going to charge $700.

Nowhere close, actually.

Right now you can get the course for...

$700? (Nope)

$500? (Nope)

$250? (Nope)


Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who needs to publish high quality work and a high speed. This could include online content creators, corporate marketers, or full-time authors. If you tend to have a bad memory and forget crucial bits of information when you're writing, this course will be helpful.

The editing process works whether you are publishing...

  • LinkedIn updates
  • Twitter tweets or threads
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales pages
  • Copywriting Emails
  • Longer Essays
  • A full book

Q: When does the course start?

The course lessons are self-paced, which means as soon as you enroll, you get the lessons. You can watch the lessons over and over since we don't remove your access. Keep in mind that enrollment closes soon - this is a limited time offer.

If you choose to join Todd's 90-minute live editing workshop, that will begin the week after launch closes. You will receive an email with follow up details.

Q: Why is the price so cheap?

Most writing courses by experts with 7 years of experience and 500m views (like me) charge thousands for their courses; Teaching isn't my primary source of income. It's something my readers asked for. Many people requested a budget-friendly course full of value. That's exactly what you'll find when you join.

Q: Is the course content high-quality?

Yes. All video footage is shot with high-definition cameras, and the sound is recorded with high-end studio microphones. You audio nerds may want to know that we are both running Shure SM7B microphones, both with cloud lifters and Scarlett Focusrite audio interfaces. You non nerds just need to know we sound and look as crispy as microwave popcorn that got left on the heat too long.

All of our courses are hosted on a lightning-fast server provided by Teachable.

Q: How do I get started?

Click one of the green buttons on this page, pay for the course however you like, and open the email with your enrollment details. Your lessons will be delivered when the course opens on March 9th. Dead simple.

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